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7 TOP tips to get a 20%+ reply rate to your cold emails

Yaro Y.
November 30, 2023

Do you send cold emails to land new deals for your biz?

Bet you noticed it is hard to get a reply.

WHY? Cuz everyone’s sending the same templated sh*t.

Wanna stand out from the crowd and get a 20%+ reply rate in less than 2 weeks? These 7 tips will get you covered:


I won’t be sharing any of the basic stuff like:

  • warming up your domain
  • validating your email list or
  • personalizing emails.

Assume you already do that.

What I’m giving you — is how to make sure your outreach stands out.


Tip 1: Add a space (or two) before your subject line text.

Why? It stands out in the inbox. Can this boost your open rate? Yup. Our A/B tests show a 15–20% increase in opens.

Essentially — the cold email game now is all about being unique. And this little trick is doing just that from the very moment prospects open their inbox.

Tip 2: Use gifs.

It’s such a powerful thing…

Here is my Top 1 (~45% reply rate):

And I’m surprised no one uses it. Works best for follow-ups, but make sure not to overcomplicate it.

Better do some additional personalization.

Tip 3: Send voice messages on LinkedIn.

Now, that requires a bit of extra effort. But you’ll do better than 95% of your competition.

AND this could be automated to some extent. Just make sure to make it conversational. Reading a script won’t do any good.

Few things you wanna include in that audio message (total length < 1min):

  • personalized intro
  • why you are reaching out
  • your no-brainer offer
  • guarantee
  • Call-to-action

If you get these components right + do not sound like a robot, you’ll book qualified meetings. Guaranteed.

Tip 4: Use personalized images

Now, this is a big one.

This technique adds a bit of spice to your email/LI message.

AND Only a few marketers do this.

That’s one of the reasons they are booking more meetings they can handle.

cold email image personalization

BUT BE CAREFUL Don’t add links to your image. It’s bad for deliverability.

You can literally start with a photo of yours and a blank paper, just like I did. But remember to iterate your message over time.

Be creative and it will pay out.

Tip 5: Use custom landing pages

These pages adapt content for every prospect who clicks. Some sales automation tools will do that, just google it. Elements to use:

  • their logo & company name
  • intro video
  • text pitch
  • calendar link / other CTA

The one below generates ~17% clicks and a 13% book rate.

Tip 6: Mention their colleague/manager/CEO

cold email template

This is quite simple but powerful. Why?

Cuz it creates a huge Jones Effect (human is a social animal, remember?)

  • That’ll spark their interest
  • They’ll check with peers (if your email is good)
  • They’ll respond
  • Use it and thank me later.

Tip 7: Intrigue them.

And that’s what I will do with this article.

Wanna see more tips to ensure 70%+ open rate and a 20%+ reply rate to your cold emails?

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